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How to Attract and Retain Key Employees at Your Company

Attracting and Retaining The Best Employees

In the digital era, attracting and retaining key employees is more important than ever. It’s well known that recruiting new talent is costly. Therefore, ensuring you attract top employees, and keep them at your company is vital. This is made especially difficult in our millennial era, where any future employee has the internet at their fingertips, giving them the ability to research your company; discovering what makes you great, but also your competition. Focusing on having a clear company message, career growth opportunities, and key benefits is essential.


5 of The Best Ways to Attract and Retain The Best Employees:

1. Understand what your employees are looking for

Matching your employees aspirations, goals and personality to your company is key. Skills are acquired, whereas a personality fit is not. Make sure that the candidate has the right personality type for the job and that they will connect with those currently working for your company. Ensuring a candidate will fit in, will mean your staff feel connected, increasing retention rate


2. Offer Employee Career Progression.

The highest reason for employees leaving their current job role is lack of advancement opportunity. “According to LinkedIn, 78 percent of employees say a clear career path would compel them to stay with an organisation longer.” Mentoring opportunities, rotating employee roles to progress skills, offering learning opportunities, and reviewing progress frequently, are all positive reinforcements for career progression and are worth doing.

If you follow step one you will know what your employee wants to achieve. Now you can put this to action through these methods.


3. Recognise and Reward Your Employees with Benefits.


Offering Flexible Benefits is a great way of using what you have learnt in Step One. Offering Flexible Benefits that your employee chooses, without extra cost to you the employer, means they are more likely to opt for your company and stay with you. The Employee receives a benefits package which is tailored to them giving individual motivation, such as a Will for younger individuals who may be worried about how their family would be affected if the unexpected happened. For further information on the advantages of offering flexible employee benefits, and how it can help you to attract and retain key employees, you can read this post.


4. Acquire Good Employee Reviews Online


In the millennial era, everyone has the opportunity to go online and look up your company. Having employees you have retained can help you attract new employees through advocacy. Get your employees to write reviews about working for the company, either on your website or Linkedin Profile. Then when prospective employees search your company and see amazing reviews, they will want to be a part of your company culture.


5. Offer the Opportunity for a Good Work Life Balance. 


Fitness, childcare, wellness, and stress are all areas where people can struggle to balance their work and home life. Offering support around these areas, such as child care support can help an employee feel more content at work, helping them to focus on work and increasing employee retention.

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