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How to Increase Employee Engagement through a Winning HR Strategy


What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the productivity of those who work in your company. It depends on employees getting to work on time, focusing on their work, and meeting company targets. 


  • To get ahead of competitors.
  • To Drive your Brand Awareness.
  • Ensure You Retain Key Employees.
  • Improved Creativity.
  • Improved Communication.


The top reasons survey respondents gave for leaving their jobs were, career development (22%), work-life balance (12%), managers' behavior (11%), compensation, and benefits (9%) and well-being (9%).

According to Linkedin research shows strong evidence that employees respond best when they are recognised for things they are good at and for times where they’ve had to stretch. It is these areas that make employees want to grow and achieve within your company.


How can You Improve Your HR Strategy to Ensure Employee Engagement?


1. Add value to Every Employee With Extensive Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an essential aspect of any HR strategy; feeling valued is a key motivator for employees to be engaged. Both Flexible and Voluntary Employee Benefits show that as an employer you care about your employees, and also their families.

Not only do benefits mean that your employees are productive and engaged, but also that they remain at your company. Following the points in this article will help you not only engage your employees, but also retain them.

Your Benefits Don’t Have to Cost you:

“Economist Angus Deaton and Psychologist Daniel Kahneman made headlines when they demonstrated that money doesn’t contribute to our overall happiness once pay is above $75,000 per year.”


 This quote demonstrates it is not just financial benefits that you should consider for your company. It is the rewards that mean something to your employees that will improve employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.We have created an article full of no cost benefit ideas you can offer your employees.


2. Set Goals For Your Employees

All companies are after one thing, and that is success. Your employees are also striving to achieve and they will want to know that they are helping your company to succeed.

 Goal setting shows organisation, gives a clear path for employees to follow, and means that company targets can be met.


Goals need to be SMART

Specific-Ambiguous goals won't help you take your company further. Your goals need to be specific, so that they can be easily tracked to ensure that company targets can be met.

Measurable-Make sure that your employees can track how they are doing; this could be through meetings, or through tracking conversions.

Attainable-The goals you set need to be realistic and achievable by an individual at your company, so make sure that they are set for the employees standard.

Relevant-You need to look at the overall company strategy and set the most relevant goals to help you achieve this. Time Bound-Your employees should know when goals need to be met so they can prepare properly, and ensure everything is done to achieve them.


3. Ensure Effective and Clear Communication

Value is a fundamental element of employee engagement, and a necessary aspect of company culture. Essential to this is positive communication; this means that an employee knows exactly what is expected of them and when they succeed, they are positively reinforced with complements. Any issues should be discussed with clear communication to understand what went wrong and how this could be improved next time. This needs to be constructive, and built on increasing confidence within the job role. The more confident an employee feels they better they will perform.


4. Creating an Ideal Office Space

Your office space needs to represent your brand values, instilling creativity and inspiration into your employees. If your space is representative of your brand, then your employees are more likely to feel connected to your company’s mission. If you ever have meetings within your office this will also inspire those you work with to become advocates of your brand.

Implementing these four key tips for a winning HR strategy, is likely to improve your employee engagement and boost your companies productivity. If you are considering offering benefits as part of your strategy, call a member of our team on 0808 281 1545 to discuss how offering a Will as part of your benefits package can enhance your companies HR strategy.


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