Corporate Employee Benefits Packages

Essential Plus Corporate Benefit Package

Including all the features of the Essential Benefit Package but with the additional benefit of being able to include a trust in your Will. This may include property trusts (known as a life interest trust), discretionary or disabled trust.

A life interest trust allows you to ensure your intended beneficiaries receive your property while allowing someone else to benefit from its use during their lifetime. For example this could protect the inheritance of children from a previous relationship but allowing your current partner or spouse to continue to live in the property for a predetermined time scale or event when once triggered your children will inherit the property. This trust is also quite popular to protect inheritance for children if your spouse re-marries after you have passed.

Discretionary trusts can be used to provide an inheritance to a vulnerable person who may not be able to take care of themselves or someone who you may not trust to provide a large inheritance all at one time.

This package is ideal for those with more complex affairs where trusts may be required.

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