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17 August 2016

Why you should have Will writing services as one of your Employee benefits?

Corporate Benefit Solution

Including an employee Will writing service as part of your benefits package on a flexible or voluntary basis shows that you care about not only your employees, but also their family and loved ones.

Tens of thousands of people pass away in the UK every month without a valid Will in place leaving financial and emotional burden on their family and loved ones.

A Will is one of the most important documents your employees will ever sign dealing with the following:

  • Ensuring your employees protect their families and loved one’s
  • Appoint guardians of children under the age of 18
  • Protection from previous relationships / marriages and civil partnerships
  • Unmarried partners receive nothing unless provided for in a Will
  • In law only the first £250k of an estate is passed to your husband or wife if you have children, the balance is split between children and your spouse, avoid this unnecessary complication.
  • Protect assets by putting them into trust

There are many reasons why someone should have a Will, too many to list.

Why Choose Redstone Wills?

Redstone Wills through its Willcraft brand has been offering employers who are looking to enhance further their employee benefits package the opportunity to include Will writing services for over 20 years and is the exclusive provider for some of the UK largest and most respected companies.

In 2015 we produced over 12,000 Wills making us one of the market leaders of Will writing services in the UK.

Other benefits include:

  • Attendance at road shows/benefits fair to educate employee on Wills and our services
  • Customised materials geared to the benefit offered provided
  • Flexible service delivery by post, telephone, online or face to face at home or office
  • Full advice on employee circumstances and potential future circumstances provided to ensure the correct Will is put in place

Redstone Wills is also subsidiary of Connells Group and Skipton Building Society and members of the Society of Will writers adhering to their code of conduct providing confidence in our service for your employees.

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