The History of Redstone Wills

Redstone Wills began trading in 2009 as a start-up company owned by Connells Group with its ultimate ownership residing with Skipton Building Society. Due to the success of Redstone Wills, and opportunities in the marketplace, Connells Group acquired the highly-respected Just Wills Group in early 2011, which had been trading since 1989, quickly followed by Allguard Legal Services and In Home Legal Services later that year.

We have successfully integrated a number of Will writing companies now trading under Redstone Wills in order to provide our customers with a wealth of expert knowledge in a wide variety of Will writing & Estate Planning services.

Redstone Wills Limited
Just Wills Holdings Limited
Just Wills Group Limited
Just Wills Limited
The Universal Trust Corporation
In Home Legal Services
Allguard Legal Services
Legal Services UK Limited
Willcraft Services Limited
IHLS Limited
Willmaster Storage Limited
Just Willbank Limited
Legal Services Probate Limited
The Willmaster Limited
Heritage Family Estates
Chancery Law Services
Executory Service Scotland (ESS)

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At Redstone, we’re specialists in our field and have the ability to offer our customers a wide variety of Will writing services, from making a simple or complex Will to Lasting and General Power of Attorney, we always provide our customers with the highest levels of customer service. Redstone Wills provides trusted Will writing services throughout the UK. As part of the Connells Group with its ultimate ownership being Skipton Building Society, we are the only Will writing company in the UK to be owned by a Building Society and therefore we reflect the values and high standards you would expect.