Corporate Benefits Will Writing Service

Redstone Wills offer a specialist Will writing service to large Corporates who wish to offer a Will writing services as part of their employee benefits packages.

We have been working in the corporate benefits sector for more than 20 years and have relationships with over 25 large corporates including Capita and Edenred.

For your reassurance, our Customer Care Packages at Redstone Wills offers a substantial range of benefits for our Corporate clients.

Most Employees do not have a valid Will

Despite the significant adverse implications of dying without making a Will, only 35% of the Adult population actually own one that is valid. Most people are not aware of the serious implications of dying without a making a will and/or are not sure how to get a Will written professionally and cost effectively. Redstone Wills can provide a simple and convenient solution to the Estate Planning & Will writing process.

Most Employees would welcome professional Will advice

Through offering Will writing service as part of an Employees benefits package, most employers are providing a vital and welcomed service that can help avoid massive problems for their Employee’s families at a most difficult time for them.

Wills are even more important now than ever

A Will is the most important document anyone will consider. It will encompass everything a person has achieved in life and can protect their Property, Assets and Savings, enabling them to pass these onto their chosen loved ones when the time comes, saving them unnecessary pain or problems. For further information on providing your employees with Corporate Will writing benefits, please contact Christopher Piper on 07765 962635.

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